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Buena Vista 2

Presently available, the Buena Vista 2 line is currently our most commonly manufactured window product, and suits a wide variety of applications across a broad range of industries; BV2 is glazed with IG units of up to 3/4" overall thickness.

Buena Vista 1

Coming soon, our Buena Vista 1 is an equal site line window manufactured with a panel glazed fixed sash installed in the fixed glass pocket of the main frame, BV1 allows for insulated glass units up to 1 1/8" overall thickness.

The BV1 product line has been engineered to improve U Values and to reduce sound transmission by integrating variable glass thickness and/or by increasing available air space. This window type will also accept triple glazed insulated glass. BV1 products are in the final stages of development and will be available soon.

Value Added Features

In addition to our premier vinyl glass products, Gilwin Company manufactures a variety of Main Frame and Sash configurations. All frames, regardless of window type, are 3 1/4" overall thickness.

We offer a new Construction Window with nail fin setbacks of 1" and 1 3/8" with an integral 1/ 4" stucco key on the exterior face, providing reduced potential for water intrusion as well as a more attractive and concealing window/stucco joint.

Horizontal sliding and single hung windows, sash, and main frame interlocks are internally reinforced with 18 gauge steel or aluminum for improved structural wind and water resistance as well as security.

Gilwin windows and sliding doors meet standard forced entry requirements. We also offer Block Frame windows and can provide an angled sill adapter to compensate for a sloped sill installation.

Our Flush Fin frame is an integrated, contoured, multi stepped dual wall flange, not an add-on profile, providing an attractive exterior appearance similar to decorative door moldings.

Both the Buena Vista 1 and Buena Vista 2 series of products can be manufactured with additional camlocks & keepers provided on the sash/main frame interlocks.

All Gilwin window products can be stacked or mulled together in a multitude of styles and configurations. All stacks or mulls will be assembled in our factory rather than on site to ensure watertight integrity.

As a standard feature all operating windows and patio doors are provided with insect screens.