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Gilwin Story and Vision

The Gilwin story is one that shows how important it is to have the courage to pursue a dream, and the vision to see it through.

Our entire company began many years ago as a tiny little spark of an idea in the mind of a very brave man named Dan Gilbert. Dan Gilbert was a decorated Army officer and a veteran of the Vietnam War. Dan had lived through challenges most people never experience, and summoned up courage that most people never know they have – and through it all, his simple idea persisted.

Finally, Dan mustered even more courage, this time to approach his initial partners and investors Don Miller and Roger Manwell. With their help, and with Dan's unwavering commitment to excellence, the Gilwin Company was launched in 1988, right here in Modesto, California.

Things were rocky in the beginning. Dan crafted his window designs and moldings based on direct input from his valued customers, and channeled all his energy into producing the highest quality aluminum products that the market could support – but the timing couldn't have been worse.

The economic downturn that tore through the first half of the 90's was another enemy Dan faced, and it took all his grit and determination to weather this storm. Finally, as dawn broke in 1997, Dan came to the sudden realization that the industry was changing.

Years ahead of his competition, Dan saw the move toward more energy efficient window materials and shifted the Gilwin Company product line using a "best fit" vinyl extrusion system, a technique that allows us to provide our customers with vinyl window products that are not only attractive, energy efficient, durable, – and can accept up to 1 1/8" glazing thickness while meeting or exceeding performance testing requirements up to 10' x 6'.

We lost Dan to cancer in 1999, and he never got to see how right he was. Because of his vision, foresight, and unwillingness to accept defeat, Dan built a legacy that lives on today. His efforts made a world of difference to all of us – the employees here at Gilwin Company. Because of Dan's courage, we now have the ability to provide a technologically superior product at an affordable price. More importantly, we inherited Dan's dreams of growth and his goals for the future, all tied to the success of the company he built.

If you'll let us, we'd like to pass Dan's courage and commitment on to you, our customers. Give Gilwin Company a try, and find out what real service feels like.